Welcome to Rogue Nexus


Rogue Nexus is now back up, at least part of it. Starting with Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead. Users can play again via SSH. Games, IRC bot, and other features to be added in piecemeal. Much of the delay was getting time to work on the server, and reimplementing dgamelaunch in a more secure, isolated manner.

Users can play by SSHing into the server with these commands:

ssh player@roguenex.us -p 32777

password is the fabled amulet from Rogue, all lowercase.

Rogue Nexus Taken Down

We are currently rebuilding the server.

Our server was compromised and used as an attack vector against a company.

The attack on our server was not specifically targeted towards us, but we advise you change any password you shared with your Rogue Nexus account.

Contact us at ##roguenexus on irc.freenode.net

davis.zvejnieks at gmail.com